Neeyum Paithiyam Naanum Paithiyam






Neeru Sriz, Abiz Sribala, Joed Dan and Vishu Per


Joed Dan


Curry Fobb Productions


Melbourne University

Release Date

April 14th 2010



Background InformationEdit

Neeyum Paithiyam Nannum Paithiyam (Tamil: நீயும் பைதியம் நானும் பைதியம்) (Your mad and I'm mad) also known as NP Squared, is an upcoming Indian,Tamil Language Film starring Neeru Sriz, Abiz Sribala, JoeD Dan and Vishu Per. The movie is produced by Curry Fobb Productions and is shot primarily in Melbourne, Australia. The movie is still in its production stage and is set to be released on April 14th 2010 coinciding with the Tamil New Year.

Plot Edit

The tetrapak!

Cast Edit

  • Abiz Sribala: Tamil Film "Abiyum Naanum" was named after this 'supreme' actress, previously had been rumoured as being the "heart-throb" of actor, Suriya, Sang Tamil song "Chanakya Chanakya". Debuting in this film.
  • Neeru Sriz: Spotted in the background of many hindi films shot in Mumbai and Dubai. Her presence just captured the hearts of the audience and the spotlight was taken off the heroine of the film, causing many films to be repetitively edited. Specially recognised by directors for her one-shot-only melo-dramatic "crying" scenes. Had previous roles as Choreographer. Had a past relationship with actor, Suriya. Debuting in this film.
  • JoeD Dan: Played rowdy/gangster roles in Tamil films. However, his Superstar Rajini-ish style gave him away and he landed with his major debuting role in this film.
  • Vishu Per: Debuting in this film. His charisma and acting talent was spotted by directors, in the streets of Singapore, where he was seen handing out roses and flirting with innocent Singaporean girls on the eve of Valentine's Day.